Vice Chairman

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Vice Chairman's Message

GIT College provides quality technical education and bestow our students with a challenging and supportive learning environment.

The college has an appropriate blend of highly distinguished faculty, top of the line learning resources and time tested teaching-practices essential for world class education. Further, the academic rigours are custom-crafted to complement academics with a number of programmes and events designed to enhance student's learning skills both in and out of classroom. This goes to prove that GIT is committed to being an institution that invests in developing well-rounded students, and prepares graduates to make a difference in the world. Innovation and creativity are nurtured by reinventing and revitalizing all our programmes periodically, thus setting the stage for new accomplishments by the Institution and students. The distinctive, multi-disciplinary sessions on Value Added Courses, Placement and Training are the key to our student’s success. Thrust on ethical values and social service are the corner stones of this institution, helping the students to contribute to greater nation building process.

Libinu B. Sam