We are in collaborations with KGTTI Bengaluru, Skill Development Centre, Bhubaneswar, National Academy of Construction Hyderabad, Imperial Society for Innovative Engineers (ISIE) India, Aurangabad and International Automobile Centre of Excellence, Ahmedabad.

After successful course completion, they provide certificates and placement opportunities in each trades.

1. Karnataka German Technical Training Institute (KGTTI) Bengaluru

GIT mainly focuses on courses in Manufacturing Technology, Welding Technology, Electrical technology, Industrial Automation and Automobile Technology from KGTTI. Our Automobile, Electrical, Tool & Die and Mechanical students are taking these courses.

2. Skill Development Centre Bhubaneswar (SDIB)

Here from SDIB we gave Building Automation and Industrial Automation courses to our Electrical students. The two courses are handled by Schneider Electric India.

3. National Academy of Construction (NAC) Hyderabad

NAC provides Finishing school programmes, Internships and Advanced Highway Construction practices for our Civil Engineering Students.

4. International Automobile Centre of Excellence (iACE) Ahmedabad

iACE mainly focuses on the Four Wheeler Technician Programme and Automobile Manufacturing course for our Automobile and Mechanical Students.

5. Imperial Society for Innovative Engineers (ISIE) India, Aurangabad

ISIE India Pvt Ltd provides Skill Development Program on Electric Vehicle Technology for our Automobile and Electrical Students.