Department of Science & Humanities

Faculty Members

Sl.No Name Designation Qualification Profile
1. Ms. Saritha K Giri Lecturer MSc Mathematics View Profile
2. Ms. Lakshmi Krishnakumar Lecturer MSc Mathematics View Profile
3. Mr. Abhijith R Mohan Lecturer Diploma in Computerized Instrumentation View Profile
4. Mrs. Lisa Shukkoor Lecturer MA English,B.Ed In English. View Profile
5. Mr. Thomson P Mani Lecturer MSc. Physics, M.Ed in Science, B.Ed in Physical Science, Bsc. Physics View Profile
6. Mrs. Manjusha K.S Assistant Librarian MLISc View Profile
7. Mr. Akash Lecturer Master of Physical Education View Profile
8. Ms. Riya Ann Philip Lecturer MA. English, BA. English, B.Ed in English View Profile
9. Ms. Anit Mariya Joseph Lecturer Msc Chemistry, B.Ed in Chemistry, Bsc Chemistry View Profile
10. Mrs. Lucky Abraham Lecturer Msc Chemistry, B.Ed In Chemistry,Bsc Chemistry View Profile