College Committees

  • Student Welfare Committee

    The student Welfare Committee is responsible for the general and specific well being of students.It is the responsibility of the committee to maintain and improve an atmosphere conducive to the pursuit of academic goals.The student Welfare Committee is responsible for the general and specific well being of students.

    It shall be the function of the committee to consider and recommend policies pertaining to the coordination and regulation of student organizations, social events, and other related activities; academic conduct of students; advisory and counseling program; orientation ; new student program; student development program; and student publication.Student welfare committee is constituted in our collage with effect from 12/08/2017 for the settlement of complaints among the students in the college campus

  • Grievance redressal committee

    The Grievance Redressal Committee shall consider only individual grievances of specific nature of staff and students of the Centre raised individually by the concerned aggrieved employee/ student of the Centre.The Grievance Redressal Committee shall not consider any grievance of general applicability or of collective nature of raised collectively by more than one employee/ student.

    After receiving any application the Committee will decide on the merit of case regarding scope of further discussion.SC/ST redressal committee is constituted in our collage with effect from 13/08/2017 for the settlement of SC/ST student’s grievance in college campus.

  • IQAC committee

    Dr Anantha Lekshmi ML - Chairperson
    Lucky Abraham - member - 9447071036
    Ansari P A - member - 9496322524
    Brijesh KJ - member - 9446120854
    Fibinu b sam - member - member -8086775566
    Rahul VM - member - 9544706039
    Ramla beegam - panchayat president - 9446384241
    Joseph John - member - 9744799203

  • Anti ragging

    Dr Anantha Lekshmi ML Principal Convener
    Mr. Rathish Balakrishnan HOD TD member - 9074534207
    Mrs. Asha Anil lect C E member - 7034509307
    Mrs. Shenu s lect eee member - 9746719103
    Mr. Roji philiph Pta member - 9847191751
    Mr. Shajan SI of police - 9446301557
    Mr. Aneesh pampady local media agent - 9746959450
    Mr. K S Anoop Student T D - 7025885854
    mr. Aswin Biju Student ME - 7410760640

  • SC/ST committee

    Brijesh k j - member - 9446120854
    Saritha k giri - member -6238123302
    Mohammed Roshan - member - 9809132407
    Anantha krishnan - member - 9495837394
    Vineeth M Murali - member - 8075070870
    Anandu Vinod student - member - 9633190400
    Pribin prince student - member- 9948311955

  • ICC committee

    Remya m n - presiding officer - 9895856906
    Deethumol Augustin - member - 9446926911
    Manjusha - member - 9946645529
    Shony Susan philip - member - 9605056186
    Akshaya O C - member - 9846226265
    Archana Thankachan - member - 7902204732
    Vivek Aby Mathew - member- 9544812814