Radiology Technology


Radiology technologists or Radiographers are healthcare professionals who specialize in the imaging of human anatomy for the diagnosis and treatment of pathology. Radiology technologists are responsible for accurately positioning patients and ensuring that a quality diagnostic image is produced. They work closely with radiologists and physicians who interpret medical images to either diagnose or rule out disease or injury. For the images to be interpreted correctly by the radiologist, the imaging examination must be performed properly by a radiology technologist. These images are used by doctors and specialists to aid in diagnosis of illnesses and injuries

At GIHS, Radiology Technicians are trained to use advanced radiographic equipment such as X- ray, CT scan (Computed Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) along with basic X-Ray equipment for creating images of a patient’s internal anatomy. They also learn exclusively on the functioning and various methods of radiology device, safety precautions for self and others. GIHS helps students to earn better position in this industry as they are trained to get subject proficiency and in-depth knowledge on safety regulations involved in the use of radiography equipment while on the job.

Career Scope:

Radiology Technology is a branch of medical science that is constantly in demand for the diagnosis of diseases. As it is one of the only few medical diagnostic methods that enable the doctors to detect the diseases inside a human body, skilled and qualified radiographers are required in all medical centers and hospitals. Students after completing B.VOC degree in Radiology technology can work as Radiology Technician, Radiology Assistant, Radiology Technologist/Radiographer, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, CT Tech / CAT Scan Technologist / CT Scan Technologist There has been a huge development in past few years toward the advancement of the radiology career. After completing GIHS’S B.Voc degree in Radiology Technology course, students can start their careers as Jr. X-Ray Techs / CT scan / MRI Techs, Application Specialists in Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, Corporate, Nursing Homes, Aviation Companies etc.