Nutrition and Dietetics


Nutrition and Dietetics course offers an exciting career opportunity. Diet plays a major role in promotion of health and well being of a human being. This field has gained importance as people have become more conscious about the way they look and what they eat. Quality of life depends on the quality of food we eat. Dieticians or nutritionists help to promote good health by correcting the eating habits

Dieticians guide on healthy eating habits and make a personalized food plan that meets the patient’s dietary restrictions, occupational constraints, fitness and stress levels. The nutritionist, on the other hand, studies the effect of food on human and the effect of heat, storage and other environmental factors on food. Dieticians should ensure that their clients should eat depending upon the nutritional requirements and needs. Dietician can help a person with resolving health problems, such by assessing individual needs and creating a food plan that helps alleviate health problems.

Career Scope:

Students with B.Voc degree in Nutrition & Dietetics have a rewarding career in hotels, cruise lines, hospitals, nursing homes and government health departments. They can exclusively work as:
 Holistic nutritionist (Provides proper guidance related to food and the nutritional value associated with it)
 Clinical Dietetics/Nutrition (they work in either inpatient settings or outpatient settings)
 Sports Nutritionist (they prepare a proper diet for sportspersons so that they are able to give optimum output in the field of sports)
 Health coach (Health coaching is one type of constructive and strategically executed program where the nutritionists put evidence-based skillful conversation and clinical interventions to use so as to safely engage the patients into a health behavior change).