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Plus Two with Biology

1. General & Disciplinary Rules

1.1. General Rules

  • Observe faithfully and abide by the rules & regulations.
  • Participate in all college activities effectively.
  • Be Loyal & devoted to Home, Institute, Clinic & Nation.
  • Keep healthy habits of mind and body by self discipline.
  • Show leadership and competency quality.
  • Be Helpful and serve others.

  • 1.2 Disciplinary Rules

  • Students should come to college & hospital with proper prescribed uniform with black executive shoes.
  • Students should wear Identity Card in the Campus & Hospital.
  • Boys shall have a decent hair cut. Long hair & beard thoroughly discouraged for boys.
  • Students should not be allowed to shout / quarrel, wander about, disturb the peace of others, and use obscene language.
  • Loiter on the verandahs during class/ practical hours not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the college/hospital campus during class timings without Gate Pass.
  • Nobody should do any damage to the Institution’s property.
  • Nobody should write on the walls.
  • Students are responsible for the safe keeping of their belongings. The institution shall not be responsible for the Items lost in the college, hostel, and hospital or during their travel in the institution bus.
  • Use of mobile phones is not allowed in the campus and clinic.
  • The suspension/dismissal will take place if the student shows Irregular attendance, continuous absence, malpractices in examination, violations of rules & regulations.
  • Readmission in any case will be considered only if the students satisfy college procedures & norms.
  • 2. Hospital: Rules and Regulations

  • All the students are required to report by the timing decided by their faculty in consultation with the hospital administration.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the hospital building in between their agreed timing without permission from the concerned authority.
  • Students must not write anything in the patient case file.
  • Students should not gather (more than 2 students at a time) in public areas like café unless otherwise directed.
  • Students must not at any point/location shout or create noise causing patients/health care professional discomfort.
  • Students must not be present/ seated in vacant, closed rooms at any point, unless otherwise directed. Also students are not encouraged to use doctors or nurses room in various locations.
  • Students should respect and maintain the confidentiality of any information they may overcome while assessing hospital patients. The students should keep the moral welfare, discipline, good habits and punctuality in their behaviors.
  • The students should uphold professional standards not only in their relationship with patients, but also with other healthcare professionals.
  • Students are not permitted to visit their friends in other departments during clinical hours and should not make any disturbances to others.
  • The students should refrain from using mobile phone within the hospital premises.
  • The students who commit breach of the disciplinary rules and misconduct or cause any loss or damage to the hospital will be penalized in cash or in kind.
  • Students should accurately represent him/herself. Students should never introduce themselves as hospital staff, as this is a misrepresentation of student‘s position, knowledge, and authority.
  • Students should seek consultation and supervision whenever they are unsure of their level of knowledge. They will not mislead others or promote himself or herself at the expense of a colleague, faculty or patient.
  • 3. Library Rules & Regulations

  • The privilege of borrowing books from the library is restricted to the members only.
  • Only two books for each student will be issued. A library readers ticket is not transferable.
  • Fine for loss of readers tickets Rs.50 for one ticket. Book will be issued only for 3 days. There shall be fine for books returned after due date.
  • Members shall not bring personal belongings and library books issued to them inside the library. Members who enter the library will sign the gate register.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
  • Members shall observe silence in the reading hall, and return the book back before leaving from library.
  • Members are responsible for any damage caused by them to the books or any other property belonging to the library and shall be required to pay penalty imposed by the librarian.
  • Use of eatables in the library is strictly prohibited.
  • No students are permitted to visit the library during class hours.
  • 4. Transportation. Rules & Regulations

  • Conveyance application form should be filled up and submitted to office at the beginning of every academic year to enroll themselves for the conveyance facility.
  • The student should hold Bus Pass on every day, and should show to the responsible person whenever ask for.
  • The students are not allowed to get down or get in from other than the opted stop, without permission.
  • Students are requested to maintain proper discipline while travelling.
  • Bus Renewal / Cancellation forms are acceptable only during the month of April and May for the coming year.
  • 5. Hostel Rules & Regulations

  • Hostel Application along with the rules & regulation should be read and filled up properly by students & parents for getting enrolled in hostel.
  • The inmates have to pay the fees prescribed by the management.
  • The student should hold hostel admit card every day, and should show it to the responsible person whenever asked for.
  • The students should abide by the rules & regulation. If any violation found may lead to the expulsion of student from hostel.
  • Renewal / Cancellation forms are acceptable only during the month of April and May for next academic year.
  • 6. Refund/Adjustment of fees

  • As per Rules and Regulations.
  • 7. Redressal of Grievances

  • Any grievances / complaints regarding selection and admission can be brought to the notice of the Director of the Institution within 24 hours of occurrence of the grievance.
  • Litigations if any should be only under the jurisdiction of Kottayam Courts.
  • Caution against Ragging

  • Ragging or any type of misconduct towards any student either in the college campus or outside will be considered as criminal offence and will be immediately reported to the Police. Perpetrators will not be permitted to continue studies. The Court Orders related to this subject will be strictly followed. (No case of ragging has been reported in this college so far.
  • It is mandatory that the students and parents should furnish an affidavit in order to confirm that the students shall not indulge in ragging.