Dialysis Technology

Dialysis Technology

Dialysis technology is a highly specialized field of nephrology (care of the kidneys). Dialysis is treatment for patients with temporary or permanent kidney failure. For patients with moderate to severe renal diseases, dialysis is the only renal replacement therapy available other than kidney transplantation. It is an emergency method to life saving.

B.Voc degree in Dialysis technology helps the technicians monitor and operate dialysis machineries efficiently. In addition to preparing patients and monitoring dialysis treatment, dialysis technicians also prepare post- treatment reports. They also are taught to work on specialized equipments.

At GIHS, students are educated about several diagnostic and treatment perspectives of machineries used in dialysis treatment. The students get in depth knowledge in basic anatomy and physiology, machines for functioning dialysis prescription interpretation, safety and sanitation, emergency interventions etc. They also get chance to earn internship from well known hospitals.

Career Scope:

Students after completing B.Voc degree in Dialysis technology gets a job at hospitals (Government or private), clinics or healthcare setups offering dialysis treatment. Usually they work in a team, under the supervision of qualified Doctors. Some of the common job profiles available in front of them include Dialysis Technician, Dialysis Supervisor and Dialysis Assistant. Completing relevant M.Sc. course will help one take on teaching job (lecturer or instructor) at institutes offering dialysis technology education or patient education programs.